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Preparation for successful working careers is a key objective of higher education. Forum Activies are based on the principle of Activity Based Learning - learning where student physically and mentally explore subject by simulation of the work environment, manipulation of tools and materials associated with the world of work, or performance of a real work task. Doing an activity associated with a career area will be more meaningful and insightful than talking or reading about it in class. This has a greater impact on learning and retention, affects the emotions, feels and attitudes more that “Book Learning”.
Marketing Mavens

A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.

The Marketing Forum provides a platform for engaging the learners, passionate in the marketing area to develop the marketing acumen, talent and expertise. The focus is on providing the learners with the knowledge, tools, and motivation needed to develop workplace ready candidates for marketing careers. The Forum strives to go one step beyond the classroom in terms of learning what Marketing really constitutes, by organizing Quizzes, Guest Lectures, Seminars, inter and intra-college competitions, field trips, and social interaction between students and faculty. A variety of events such as ad contests, brand equity quizzes and brand crosswords are organized to promote student’s interest in the field of marketing.

  • To create awareness about the KSA requirements of various careers in the area of Marketing
  • To provide a platform where students get an opportunity to blend marketing theories with real world applications.
  • To provide experiential learning opportunities in the domain of Marketing.

Finalyst - Are you curious about a career in finance? Do financial markets, investment banking, trading, corporate finance, exchange-traded funds, options, futures, and other ideas seem appealing to you? If so, consider joining the Finance forum - Finalyst.

The forum hosts a series of events to help everyone with a career interest in finance. The club aims to keep its members updated on all aspects of modern day finance and financial institutions.The essence of finance concepts and its analysis is learnt by application – hands on skills that distinguish between the achievers and the also rans. The forum provides various opportunities, where Learner can get an exposure to real life experiences and polish their analytical and problem solving skills, making them ready for the corporate world.

  • To create awareness about the various aspects of finance , beyond the prescribed syllabus.
  • To bridge the gap between theory and practice in the domain of finance.
  • To develop application orientation amongst the learners w.r.t. the domain of Finance
People Soft

PeopleSoft - The HR Forum: If you are passionate about people then HR Forum is where you will find like-minded people. It’s the endeavor of the HR Forum to harness the talent of learners of VIM in the people aspects of business & management.

HR Forum seeks to provide information and experiences that increase awareness about the human resource function and informs learners about the varied and exciting career opportunities available in this field. Exciting activities such as Speaker Series, Guest lectures by practitioners, Seminars on important and contemporary topics, discussing latest research and development topics, organizing debates, role plays, simulation exercises, social events, quizzes are high on the agenda. The HR lead the planning and organizing the events. 

  • To bridge the gap between the academic learning and corporate expectations
  • To tap potential HR aspirants and modifying their outlook towards the HR function
  • To provide experiential learning opportunities in the domain of HR.

The Operations & Supply Chain Forum – OZONE, aims to promote an understanding of principles of operations and supply chain as fields of study & practical execution. OZONE provides an environment where students can learn about applications of operations and supply chain principles and models in a real world context.

OZONE organizes guest lectures, seminars, webinars, management games, simulation games and workshops to further the development of skill sets for careers in the areas of operations and supply chain management.

  • To emphasize the significance of operations and supply chain management to non - operations and supply chain management learners.
  • To provide the learners with an end-to-end visibility of processes, systems, issues across the value chain.
  • To provide experimental learning opportunities for developing a practical orientation amongst learners
  • To provide higher order inputs to learners who opt for operations and supply chain management specializations.

The advent of digital society has brought in focus the Information & Communications Technology. BitsnBytes, the ICT Forum of VIM acts as a catalyst to help learners appreciate technology from a business perspective and IT enabled value creation in business. BitsnBytes aims to spread the excitement about ICT amongst the learners and educate them about the new digital economy.

BitsnBytes facilitates interaction of learners with practitioners from the ICT space for understanding of innovation, disruption, IT enabled business strategy, business processes, developing a practical view of business and society. The Forum organizes workshops, seminars, Quizzes, competitions and gaming sessions.

  • To facilitate appreciation of digital issues in society and economy.
  • To expose students to varied skill sets expected of a digital workspace ready employee.
  • To provide specialized inputs to learners who are interested in taking a career in Information Technology specialization.
“we are the brains behind the chairs”

Managerial decisions are always guided by the economic considerations. Economics as a branch of knowledge has undergone dramatic changes reflecting the changes in the world economic environment in last few decades. The economic environment today is not only complex but highly dynamic on account of changing policy regimes, technological revolution, international relations & social considerations.

‘dECOde’- the economics forum gives an opportunity to the students to go beyond the textbooks & understand the complexities of the real world business problems & policy issues and the application of the basic economic concepts.

  • To debate as well as discuss the economic challenges & priorities.
  • To create awareness about the national & international business environment
  • To enhance the capabilities of students in understanding the complex economic variables & their interdependence.
  • To help the learners to develop an understanding of the application of economic concepts in business world.


  • People Soft
    This competition is aimed at making students understand the process of Performance Management system, and to help them learn how performance appraisal is done in different sectors.
  • ECon
    As MBA I students belong to diverse background and with a purpose of giving them exposure to inputs beyond syllabus and increasing interest in the course this activity is conducted.
  • Finalyst
    This activity based session is aimed at making Non Finance students understand Accounting concepts in simple way.
  • Marketing Mavens
    The MBA (First year) students belong to different backgrounds, with a purpose of giving them an understanding of Brand failures and developing their negotiation skills, this activity is conducted.
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