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Tuesday May 05, 2015

AICTE Sponsored FDP
"Understanding Digital Businesses"
2 Weeks : 5th - 20th May 2015 ( Monday - Friday)

For Graduate & Post Graduate Level Faculty Members and Researchers of Management, Commerce, Economics and Engineering
Resource Persons : Experienced Industry Professionals & Senior Academicians
Pedagogy: Live Cases, Group Activities, Workshops & Classroom Sessions

Contact :
  • Write to us at  
  • Prof. Amol Randive (+91-8308302515) - for schedule, conduct and certification.
  •  Mr. Mahesh Shinde (+91-9096120172) - for Registration, Travelling, Lodging and Boarding. 

Digital Businesses :

Digital business is the creation of new business models through combination of the digital and the physical work domain. It promises to usher in an unprecedented convergence of people, communication technologies, things and even thoughts that disrupts existing modes of doing the business leading to far-reaching impact on businesses, individuals, organizations and society. The disruption triggered by digital businesses is fluid and nonstop, with massive potential for innovation and destruction. Digital businesses are already changing the competitive outcome and IT landscape of many organizations.

In the Indian context the digital businesses are clearly in focus, seeing the emphasis of the central government on smart cities and digital India. We are entering an era where we can rightfully claim that "every business is digital business and digital business is everyone’s business." If we are to harness the benefits of demography, digitization and democracy, it is absolutely essential that we understand digital businesses.

Rationale of FDP :

The developments of internet of things, SMAC, big data, digitization, etc. in the technology space have triggered new ways of doing business. Start-ups, corporate, government and other organizations in the profit and non-profit sector are embracing digitization in a big way. These developments were initially led by the developments in the B2B space. However the current wave of adoption is created by the customer facing functions of organizations. This has created cascading effects across the value chain of the organization and is placing new, unforeseen and often radical demands internally on all functions of the organizations. The digitization of businesses is altering value perception and the way value is created. This has strategic implications for businesses and industries. The rules of competition are drastically altered.

For academicians to prepare human talent that is well-equipped to function, perform and lead in such a digitized world, it is imperative that they invest in their own capability building to evolve as well-informed, learned educators who are in sync with the digital reality and can adapt the management theory, tools and techniques to new realities. Currently, chunk of this learning is migrating from the industry to the academia as there does not exist a unified theory of management for digital businesses. This faculty development programme (FDP) is an attempt to address this gap.

Objectives of the FDP :
  • To contribute to the academic fraternity by offering contemporary and relevant knowledge about managerial and strategic aspects of digital businesses.
  • To provide an integrated view of digital business practices and challenges.
  • To highlight the process of change as a proactive response to disruptions.
  • To help participants become catalysts for impending changes in academic world.

Know More

  • Digital Economy, Digital Society and Digital Enterprise
  • ICT for Digital Businesses
  • Collaborative and Enterprise wide Global Business Systems
  • Digital Business Transactions and Processes
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Internet of Things and Digitization of Products
  • Digital Business Development and Architecture
  • Digital Business Strategies and Models
  • Digital Marketing and Customer Value Enhancement
  • Human Resource Management in Digital Era
  • Managing Digital Business Performance and Productivity
  • Business Intelligence and Business Analytics in Digital Era
  • Accessibility, Integrity and Governance
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Regulatory Environment for Digital Businesses
  • Ethical and Social dimensions of Digital Businesses
  • Innovations in Digital Business
The programme is designed to provide an integrated view of digital businesses and the implications for management theory and practice. The participants will be encouraged, engaged and challenged through;
  • Interactive sessions by experienced academicians and trainers
  • Experience sharing by industry experts and specialists in the field •Case study presentations and discussions by practitioners and consultants
  • Blended learning through Audio Visuals and other digital content
  • Learning by doing - exercises and activities.
  • Dr. Sharad Joshi, Dean Corporate Relations, VIM.
  • Dr. Vasant Bang, Ph.D guide, VIM
  • Mr. Pritam Parvatkar, VP and Global Head - Alliances & Partnerships
  • Mr. Manish Rangari, MD & CEO, Metalking Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Mandar Vanarse, Consulting Partner (Global Transformation) Wipro Technologies
  • Mr. Amit Gajwani, Sr. VP - Business Development, Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Sameer Kulkarni, GM & Head India Operations, One Network Enterprises
  • Mr. Vijay Mhaskar, Sr. Director - R&D, Avaya Inc.
  • Mr. Anand Khot, HR Leader (GM), IBM
  • Mr. Shishir Vaidya, Founder, Pune International Incubation Center
  • Mr. Bhaskar Thakur, Advisor - Growth and Strategy,
  • NO FEES for Registration, Study material. Certification and food as AICTE has fully sponsored the programme considering its importance.
  • FREE OF COST Lodging and Boarding facility by the institute on first come first serve basis to outstation participants on request.
  • Reimbursement of Travelling Expenses incurred by outstation participants as per norms on submission of bills.
  • Local transport support/assistance by the institute.
Each participant will receive a participation certificate.
  • Dr. Shailesh Kasande, Director, VIM ( Coordinator
  • Dr. Umesh Patwardhan ( Associate Coordinator
  • Prof. Amol Randive ( - Assistant Coordinator
  • Prof. Yogesh Desale ( - Technical Support
Registration and other support :
  • Mr. Mahesh Shinde (
  • Mr. Pravin Kasar (
  • Ms. Sanyukta Khisty(

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