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Students Awards 2016-17
Tuesday January 24, 2017

Registrations open for Students Awards AY 2016-17. Registration and Policy Details provided below  .....

Student Awards AY 2016 – 17 – Explanatory Note

Best SIP
–This award is given to students whose summer internship project has added value to the host organization. Simultaneously its essential that the student himself has acquired new professional skills and added value to himself during the SIP. In this award, both content of the project and its presentation are important.

Most Active student – This award is given to MBA – Year I student who has taken conscious efforts to be a part of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities thereby adding value to himself.

External Publication – This award is given to help motivate students to inculcate research aptitude and encourage them to explore new knowledge frontiers by way of writing articles / papers in external publications.

Special Achievements Award- This award is given to those students who take an initiative on their own to achieve goals which are in line with the institute’s vision / mission / values.

Social Project award- This award is given to the students who have a social perspective, social orientation and students who are willing to help the society in some way. Focus is on Students who are in long term association with NGOs.

Student of the year award- This award is given to the student who has shown a remarkable development in oneself. Not just participates in all major activities (both internal + external) but reaches a certain threshold level in all the activities without compromising on academics. The student acts as a representative of VIM to the outside world.

Best Book Review- The award is given to MBA – Year I student who has written a review representing the central theme of the book along with his own judgement without engaging in any PLAGIARISM. Most Well Groomed- This award is a recognition of MBA – Year I students’ efforts to improve himself in all the three dimensions viz. knowledge, skills & attitude through participation in various institute as well as external initiatives, without compromising on academics

Most Prolific Reader- This award is given to students who make maximum use of KRC (Knowledge Resource Center – Library) thereby demonstrating an intention and willingness for lifelong learning.

Most Regular Student- The award is given to MBA – Year I student who has shown consistency in terms of attendance be it for day today sessions, guest lectures or any other events organized by VIM.

Live Projects- The award is a recognition of students’ efforts to be part of institute-industry initiatives thereby improving their on the job / practical skills

Top Placements- The award is a recognition of students’ efforts to strive for and achieve top placements
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